In a region where practices such as logging, burning and extensive livestock farming are deep-rooted, hundreds of peasant farmers decided to change their habits by connecting forests, segregating water sources, implementing silvopastoral systems and making home vegetable gardens.

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Rural men and women who
change paradigms

Making history in
the farmers’ market

Many families involved in the program that used to buy all their food in shops are now convinced of the importance of growing things in their vegetable garden, and of eating what they produce.

Instead of planting in the ground they now build boxes in order to grow in new soil, and they are also aware of the advantages of using poly-shade mesh to protect the vegetables from the sun and the rain. 


They also held the first farmers’ markets in their municipalities in 2018 and 2019, where they demonstrated that they can commercialize what they produce on their land and contribute to the conservation of the Amazon. They have started to make history. Watch this video to see how they managed it.

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