In Caquetá, as in many other regions of Colombia, the voices of rural women have been excluded from decision-making in the public and private spheres, and their contributions to ecosystem conservation have been marginalized. Yet nowadays, following their work with Paisajes Conectados, these women know they can be listened to, work together with men and children, and make vital contributions to improve life in their territories. 

Rural women who

transform themselves

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Rural women who
transform themselves

Ana, Elena, Eliana and Yuriana are four of the 929 women who gained self confidence and skills to communicate their knowledge. Through their stories and their example, they now inspire an entire community. Listen to their testimonials.  

Mother Earth provides us with the fruit. We women have to look after her. If we do something bad to our Earth, she becomes weaker and so do we women. She needs us, just like we need her too 

Eva Yela

To discover the story of Eva and other women, download the ‘Rural Women’ book by clicking here or listen to the audiobook here. 

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