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To help people struggling to repay their debts, you need to understand their side of the story and work with them to find a way forward. People who make great first impressions – and get a kick out of handling calls or online queries about bills, changes to details, and more. Request a demo or reach out to us to learn more about how Cleverly can help you How Do I List Remote Work on my Resume? Remote Work Guide help your remote team. While you’ll probably still have a team and a manager, it’s a little different when there’s physical distance separating you. It can get hard to stay motivated when you’re working independently. However, if you enjoy the challenge and can easily find ways to stay on track without constant monitoring, this is the job for you.

Daily standups are an easy way to keep everyone connected and united. One of the best parts about working in an office is that you have free access to several employees with whom you can network daily. However, just because you’re remote doesn’t mean you can’t network. You should feel comfortable reaching out to other employees to chat via video calls and approaching people in coworking spaces. Those are the kinds of interactions that are going to help you progress your career in the future. To ensure that you thrive in your newfound responsibilities, review the following advice for succeeding in a new remote customer service role.

Connect customer service to the broader organization

To effectively address these, organizations should invest in customer service training programs, be proactive about customer service strategies and adopt an integrated omnichannel approach. We believe that great customer service tools shouldn’t be reserved for the mega-brands that can afford them. We believe that every business should be empowered to deliver fast, exceptional service, even if they’re not billion-dollar businesses…yet.

It makes a lot of sense when you consider how many things customer service actually means. The main customer service objectives are linked with very specific business results. But, ultimately, it all indirectly translates into reducing potential costs and increasing profits.

Resume tips for customer service roles

The key is to connect service to your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This will give you a complete view of a customer’s interactions with your company. When a customer reaches out, the agent has all relevant data on a single screen — demographics, order history, preferences, and more — so they know how to help.

remote customer service meaning

Cleverly’s Automations can take care of that, and it even helps businesses identify automation opportunities so that they implement a strategy that works best for them and their team. Now that you know about all the work-from-home customer support positions, let’s look at some job openings from real companies that you can consider applying for. The director of customer success builds and leads the customer success team. They create the organization’s customer success strategy and lead the team to execute the plan.

Firm management

If your business needs inbound call center services for customers around the clock, make sure to ask the remote call center if they’ll be able to support this. You will also want to be sure to ask the remote call center’s hours of availability for helping you with your account. It’s always great to work with call center professionals who have experience helping customers and clients in your industry. This can result in better quality calls, shorter call times, happier customers, and a better reputation overall for your business. When working with a remote call center, it’s always good to have a positive and transparent relationship with call center agents assigned to your account.

remote customer service meaning

Still, if you work as a rep in a call center, you’ll probably get less money than a customer success manager, who works with CRM and ticketing systems. A good knowledge base or chatbots can be better than a team of agents. In the past, companies competed against each other with price and product quality. Today, according to research by Gartner, 89% of businesses compete through the quality of customer service. If you are ready to compare prices for a remote call center or any other type of call center service, just use a simple online comparison tool!

As long as you have a call center headset, you can perform all of your household responsibilities (or travel the world) while still guiding customers through their problems over the phone. If you see a customer service role that interests you, read the job description carefully to understand the required qualifications. You can print out the job description and highlight skills that you already have, and use that to tailor your resume. Here’s what you should know about customer service jobs, skills, salary, and more. LiveAgent is a versatile help desk software that can improve customer satisfaction and increase profits. The mass actions feature can automate tasks, prevent agent burnout, and free up time for agents to focus on building relationships with customers.

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