Every tree, every ecological corridor, every piece of food from the vegetable garden and every document that has had an impact on public policy in the region has been made possible by rural men and women who believed in their power to transform themselves and contribute new ideas to their communities and families. 

The faces of change

These ten stories of peasant farmers from the program demonstrate the importance of taking risks and daring to think differently in order to create possible territories together. Today, they use their voice to construct a territory where they can live with greater wellbeing. 

The voices of change

“We’re in a time when if we cut down one tree then we plant ten, and they’ve already instilled a beautiful idea in us”

Jaime Ramírez

«Knowing something yourself isn’t a good thing, it’s a good thing for you to share it with someone else. It doesn’t matter if the other person is part of the program or not; you share whatever you know with whoever wants to listen.»

Janio Sánchez

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